30 North

About Us

30 North was founded with the objective of bringing specialty coffee to Egyptian coffee drinkers. 30 North is fuelled by a passion for coffee, coupled with over 20 years of coffee sourcing expertise- expertise that is instrumental in bringing only the best coffees from around the world to every 30 North cup.   

Our Value

  • Quality Above All:  30 North promises an unwavering commitment to quality.  From the beans sourced at origin, all the way to perfecting the exact temperature at which our ice cold Nitro coffee is served, 30 North puts quality above all.
  • Embrace Change: At 30 North we appreciate change.  After all, it is change in the coffee culture that 30 North is bringing to Egypt.   30 North promises a lean, dynamic operation that offers its customers quality above all.   
  • A Passion for Coffee:  30 North was born out of a passion for coffee.  Passion is a key ingredient in everything we do.  The origins we import are chosen with passion.  The blends we roast are mixed with passion, and finally our baristas ooze passion as they serve customers their favorite cup of 30 North.
  • Environmental Responsibility & Supply Chains: All coffees sourced, roasted, brewed, and served at 30 North are certified as Free Trade Coffee- coffee that is traded fairly, transparently, and respectfully in a manner that ensures fair international trade.30 North is as passionate about Egypt, as we are about coffee.  While our specialty coffee beans are sourced from only the best farms around the world, at 30 North we take pride in our Egyptian heritage, and we put the Egypt in everything else we do.  We take pride in promoting Egyptian designers, and tableware manufacturers.  
  • Integrity & Appreciation:At 30 North we challenge ourselves to go above and beyond expectations in our dealings with suppliers, employees, and above all our valuable customers- without whom we would not exist.   
  • Personalized Service with a Smile:  Our baristas take pride in knowing our regular customers’ orders before they make it to the counter.